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    Launchkit venture program

    We help early-stage startups get founded by bringing vision to live and investing resources
    Who is LaunchKit program for?
    We believe that innovative solutions are moving the world forward, and our mission is to provide you with the necessary resources to turn your vision into reality.
    Pre-Seed Stage
    Seed Stage
    We are eager to look into promising ideas in neobanking and industry, even though we generally focus on:
    Web 3
    What to expect once
    you join LaunchKit program
    At Zade, we are committed to propelling your startup journey forward. Here's a glimpse of the transformative experience you can anticipate upon joining our program:
    Sharpening the proposition
    Tackling market and user research to shape the product strategy while scoping the main features for comprehensive direction.
    Design and test hypothesis
    Collaborate with a dedicated team of designers, marketers and engineers to validate concepts, build an MVP and acquire first customers.
    Building and pitching
    Preparing a prototype for investor pitch, selecting specific user flows for testing, and getting ready for the development stage.
    How it works
    We partner with 5 startups, with intense focus on product launch.
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    worth of creative
    work to bid for!
    Application process
    The full application process takes about two weeks to complete. Once you apply, our scouting team will guide you through the full process and will be available to answer all your questions.
    Apply on LaunchKit and fill out a short questionnaire to determine whether our program would be an ideal fit for you.
    Pitch interview
    Our conversation aims to understand your background and ideas better to see if our program aligns with your needs.
    Offer to join LaunchKit!
    Once the offer is extended, the following steps are straightforward. You'll be sent a welcome package with guidance on preparation for the start of work.
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    Integrated team
    Are you a startup seeking a rapid path to scaling your product?
    Our team of experts guides you through each stage of product iteration. We bring together top-tier design and engineering talent dedicated to collaborating with the world's most promising startups.
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