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      The best way to launch your startup

      A 30-day journey from startup concept
      to investor-attractive prototype.

      Got a groundbreaking idea?

      We'll bring it to life in 30 days.

      Prototype, test, refine, and wow investors with our award-winning team.
      Save on resources, focus on success. Your vision, our mission.

      What you’ll get in 30 days
      your vision
      Capture Customer Insights
      Wow investors
      Prototype your vision
      Capture Customer Insights
      Wow investors

      4 steps to investment-ready prototype

      Ideation & Strategy
      Business analysis
      Experience design
      Visual design

      We capture your vision and craft a strategy to bring idea to life. Next, we handpick the key features for the first showcase of your prototype to users and investors.

      We develop service blueprints and user stories to steer the creation of a prototype that is both technically feasible and aligned with your business processes.

      Based on your users' needs, preferences, and behaviors, we design their entire journey when engaging with a product.

      Here, we focus on the visual appeal of your product, ensuring it aligns with your current or upcoming brand identity while also prioritizing accessibility and usability.

      Martijn Moerbeek, FRNZY

      “We aren’t merely creating products. We’re creating something magical for the person who uses it.”

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      We promise to launch your go-to-market initiatives
      in just 30 days. That’s why we chose to allocate $20,000 towards developing our design system, which we offer for free to every startup we collaborate with.

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      bg photo
      Claim your spot now with a minimal upfront payment
      EST. $5, 000
      LaunchKit Program Delivery
      Delivery in 30 days
      Development ready design
      Support and mentoring
      Clickable prototype in Figma
      Dedicated senior designer
      Industry standard design system
      Due today

      Ready to enter the market next month?

      We'll equip you with all the essentials
      for a successful startup launch.

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