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      Your one-stop place
      for early-stage startups
      We boost your product scale-ups with rapid creation and launch of digital experiences, fast-tracking go-to-market to just weeks, so you can focus on the rest.
      10+ Millions
      in funding has been secured
      by startups we support
      5 startups
      launched in 30 days
      timeframe in 2023
      review rating
      by Clutch
      Our mission
      Zade is an award-winning startup studio dedicated to assisting early-stage founders, offering complex launch & growth services to turn ideas of tomorrow into todayʼs solutions. We are driven by an ambitious mission to assist over 20 startups in reaching the market in 2024. By utilizing our design presets and best practice methodologies, we aim to fast-track their launch to just a matter of weeks.
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      Startups we helped to grow
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      Ultimate packs for launch and scale
      for launch
      We help you reach the market in 30 days by turning your starupʼs concept into live prototype, so you can gather customer feedback, and pitch to investors.
      • Market & User Research
      • UX / Product Strategy
      • Development ready product design
      • Interactive prototype
      for growth
      Integrated team
      We steer early-stage startups through each stage of product development, clearing competence gap and lowering managerial load
      • Full-stack development team
      • UI/UX design team
      • Dedicated project coordinator
      • 1 month of free support after cancelation
      "What has been produced in a 5-week sprint is nothing but magical."
      Martijn Moerbeek
      CEO at FRNZY
      The collaborative approach resulted in a successful partnership and an outstanding final product
      Andriy Maslo
      CEO at Investudio
      They exhibited a cooperative nature and flexibility, making it easy for them to become an integral part of our group
      Global Marketing Specialist
      Startup talks
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      Clutch 2024
      Top Product
      Design Company
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      Top Prototype
      Design Company
      Clutch 2023
      Global Award
      Winner Fall
      What’s your refund policy?
      There are no refunds for the billing period you have already paid, however you can cancel at anytime and the subscription will end at the end of the billing period.
      Who are the experts?
      Our team consists of two senior designers, two senior developers and a management team in charge of art/tech direction. You will be assigned one designer and one developer who will be responsible for working on your requests, and you will also be in contact with one manager depending on whether the work is design or development related.
      How much time does it take to receive a fully-prepared project?
      Letʼs discuss your project specifics to estimate the timeline.
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