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    Integrated Team

    We steer early-stage startups through product development and help to facilitate larger-scale fundraising.
    Oleh Tymoshenko
    Lead Designer
    Khrystyna Shorobura
    UI/UX Designer
    Viktoria Shurhot
    Project Coordinator
    Marta Shavarovska
    Marketing Manager
    Ivan Denysyuk
    Oleksiy Medvediev
    Lead Developer
    Artem Pronin
    Web Developer
    Vitaliy Bodnarchuk
    Full-Stack Developer
    Rostyslav Nahornyi
    Full-Stack Developer
    Dmytro Les
    UI/UX Designer
    Sergii Goncharuk
    Full-Stack Developer
    Who is Integrated Team for?
    Integrated team is designed to assist early-stage startups in every step of their product development journey. We believe that innovative solutions are moving the world forward, and our mission is to provide you with the necessary resources to turn your vision into reality.
    Pre-Seed Stage
    Seed Stage
    A clear advantage from day one
    We give you an edge from the very beginning. Build abd scale your startup faster by access to our top-tier experts, advisers, and community.
    Lower managerial load
    We'll handle all aspects of operational management, allowing you to concentrate on developing your startup, validating hypotheses, or raising investments.
    Reduce time to market
    We've crafted methodologies, assets, and presets to ensure efficient product development, helping you meet tight startup deadlines while adhering to best practices.
    Clear competence gap
    Our approach accelerates scaling by securing hard-to-find talent and, importantly, retaining them.
    Align tech strategy and business
    We will guide you through each step of product iteration, ensuring you avoid the wastage of precious resources and time.

    Focus Areas x Core Capabilities

    Our team's core expertise lies in Fintech and Web3. While our skills are diverse, these fields are where our passion lies, driving impactful and innovative design and development solutions.
    Fintech Web 3
    Investment management platforms
    Digital banking solutions development
    Data analytics and performance reports
    API design and integrations
    Personal finance and wealth management
    Neo banking design
    DeFi applications
    Crypto wallet design
    NFT platforms
    Data analytics
    Explore what keeps our clients
    coming back!
    Discover the reasons for our enduring client relationships. Dive into our diverse case studies for further insights!

    Engagement Models

    We've crafted transparent, stressless plans drawing from our extensive experience with startups. We give way more freedom than a typical quoted contract.
    10% off first month
    Development plan
    7980 USD / Billed monthly
    Ideal for emerging startups crafting a high-end digital solution needing continuous development help and smooth integration.
    • Full-time full-stack developer
    • Dedicated project coordinator
    • 40h QA specialist
    • 1 month of free support after cancelation
    10% off first month
    Design Plan
    6680 USD / Billed monthly
    Best suited for growing startups seeking for multidisciplinary designers for three months to three years to be a defacto in-house design team.
    • Full-time UI/UX designer
    • Dedicated project coordinator
    • 1 month of free support after cancelation
    10% off first month
    Custom Plan
    Contact us
    Our top-tier plan offers flexibility and power to meet your unique needs and growth. We configure the team for the best possible project outcomes.
    • Dedicated design team
    • Dedicated development team
    • QA Team
    Not sure which plan is suitable for you?
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    Explore our FAQ
    Explore our comprehensive FAQ section for answers to your most pressing questions. Learn more to get the answers you need.
    Who are the designers/developers?
    Our team consists of two senior designers, two senior developers and a management team in charge of art/tech direction. You will be assigned one designer and one developer who will be responsible for working on your requests, and you will also be in contact with one manager depending on whether the work is design or development related.
    What technologies do you use for web app development?
    React 18, AWS Services, Google Cloud, Axios, Dayjs, Formik, I18Next, Sass, React Router, Recharts/Apache ECharts, Typescript, Webpack, Yup, Stroybook, Eslint, Prettier, NestJS, Express, REST, GraphQL + Apollo Client, Axios, MySQL, TypeORM, Eslint, Prettier, Typescript.
    What’s your refund policy?
    There are no refunds for the billing period you have already paid, however you can cancel at anytime and the subscription will end at the end of the billing period.
    Need help to get your startup off the ground?
    We launched a venture program for startups, investing £100K in resources for prototype development. Rather than charging upfront, we take some or all of our fees in equity.
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