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      Streamlining E-commerce for Gen Z with FRNZY
      FRNZY’s LaunchKit journey
      Six months back, we envisioned a program to uplift early-stage startups, and thus, the LaunchKit Prototyping Program was born. Shortly after the program’s launch, Martijn Moerbeek, a co-founder of FRNZY, sparked our excitement with a proposal to join. The moment we connected with him over a call marked the beginning of our thrilling 30-day LaunchKit adventure. And now, as we reflect on that journey, we’ll share the remarkable story of how it all transpired.
      About FRNZY
      FRNZY is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape for Generation Z, a demographic notoriously challenging to engage.
      Founding Story
      Martijn Moerbeek and Joseph Khan launched FRNZY in 2023 with a simple mission: to let Gen Z buy and sell hype fashion in real-time through live shopping.
      “We were eager to enter the market and launch our product quickly. But we moved too fast and didn’t focus enough on the early stages. This made our product development a bit chaotic, as we often ended up trying to fix problems we could have avoided.”
      Martin, CEO at FRNZY
      Swiftly introduce new features to the market
      Minimize investment in product design
      Gain customer insights prior development
      “Previously, I presented our project to investors through a verbal pitch and PowerPoint slides. Now, I start with a concise one-minute pitch, followed by a live demonstration of our prototype. This significantly enhances the value of our discussions.”
      Martin, CEO at FRNZY
      Reduced Product Development Time
      By using our design framework we deliver a live prototype in a mere 30 days, enabling rapid testing and iteration.
      Instant Customer Feedback
      We enable FRNZY to assess market fit by presenting live prototype to audiences and enhancing customer experience through early feedback collection in product development.
      Data-Driven Investor Impressions
      By showcasing clickable prototypes complemented with previously collected customer insights, FRNZY can effectively demonstrate their market potential and progress to investors.

      “What has been produced in a 5-week sprint is nothing but magical.”

      Martijn Moerbeek
      CEO at FRNZY

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