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      Open-Source 3D Platform for Interactive Street Planning

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      3D Visualization Platform


      3DStreet, an innovative web-based 3D platform, transforms street planning with user-friendly tools for diverse users. It features two key components: the 3DStreet Viewer for exploring street scenes and the 3DStreet Editor for customizing them. Users can quickly import and transform streets from Streetmix into detailed 3D models, a process streamlined to be completed in under 15 minutes. The platform’s flexibility allows extensive customization to replicate or imagine new street layouts. This open-source project simplifies urban design and encourages sharing and collaboration, making it a pivotal tool in accessible urban planning.


      Despite the high incidence of road traffic injuries among young people, especially involving pedestrians, access to effective street design tools remains limited. Most software needed for prototyping, designing, and engineering street infrastructure requires specialized skills and resources, which are scarce. Furthermore, the majority of available street design software is not only expensive and closed-source but also predominantly focused on optimizing motor vehicle flow, overlooking the safety of non-motorized road users. There’s a pressing need for a solution that democratizes the process of street design, empowering local communities to actively participate in creating safer, more inclusive urban spaces.


      3DStreet is a web-based, open-source application that revolutionizes street planning by offering a fun, user-friendly interface accessible to all. The platform allows users to visualize and share safer street designs from multiple 3D perspectives, tailored to specific geographic locations. This interactive approach transforms street planning into an engaging and inclusive process, inviting users from various backgrounds to contribute their ideas and perspectives. 3DStreet’s intuitive design simplifies complex urban planning concepts, enabling community members, regardless of their technical expertise, to participate actively in designing safer, more inclusive streets. As an evolving tool, 3DStreet continually adapts to the needs of its users, embodying the idea of making street planning tools both enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

      “Remarkable for their adaptability and punctuality, Zade Agency ensures a seamless collaboration with top-notch outcomes.”

      Kieran Farr
      CEO at 3DStreet

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