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      Advanced SaaS realty property management in New York

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      BabaFi Startup Real Estate App

      BabaFi, originally a startup with solid backing and an innovative concept, has matured into a prominent real estate app focusing on New York City’s long-term rental market. It streamlines the process of finding and managing rental properties, making it easier and more cost-effective for both tenants and landlords. The app boasts a selection of high-quality listings and user-friendly digital tools that facilitate efficient property management and hassle-free searches. BabaFi has become a go-to solution for reliable and convenient housing rentals by addressing the unique challenges of the bustling New York rental scene.


      In New York’s dense real estate market, finding the proper housing is challenging due to the overwhelming number of options, highlighting the need for an efficient online platform. Searching for suitable properties or tenants is time-consuming, often averaging 40 hours. Additionally, the gap between advertised amenities and their actual status complicates the process. This issue is compounded by landlords aiming to maximize returns, sometimes resulting in less transparent offers. These factors underscore the necessity for a more streamlined and transparent approach in the bustling real estate environment.


      BabaFi enhances the property search experience in New York with its smart chatbot, which recommends top properties based on personalized criteria and allows for custom search filters. The platform saves time by integrating property search, favorites, history, landlord communication, and digital signings in one place. It assures quality and transparency by only listing thoroughly reviewed properties and detailing verified amenities. Additionally, BabaFi offers secure, transparent payment processes with invoice-based transactions, ensuring clarity and preventing disputes. This streamlined approach significantly simplifies the property-hunting process.

      Zade has seamlessly collaborated with us to achieve outstanding results. The team delivers items on time, adheres to timelines.”

      Matija Cukac
      Co-founder and CEO of BabaFi

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