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      Global investment platform for family funds

      Investment Platform Development,
      Integrated Team


      2 developers,
      2 UI/UX designers




      Investudio empowers users to invest in global brands, expanding their income avenues. By transcending geographical boundaries, it offers reliable asset investments and encourages the creation of family funds. Despite challenges faced in Ukraine, Investudio stands as a beacon, promoting secure investments via its sophisticated application.


      Simplicity was key to engaging inexperienced users. The navigation structure was thoughtfully streamlined, adhering to Hick’s Law—limiting the choices presented to users to facilitate quicker decisions. By minimizing cognitive load, the design ensured that users could effortlessly find their way and confidently interact with the platform. An essential element of the design was its resonance with real-world experiences. We harnessed users’ familiarity with icons and symbols, incorporating them thoughtfully throughout the platform. This strategic integration of familiar visuals reduced the learning curve and enhanced user confidence. Icons acted as intuitive signposts, guiding users through their investment journey with ease. A critical aspect of engaging inexperienced users was ensuring a supportive and informative experience, even in times of challenge. Error messages were meticulously crafted, adhering to Nielsen’s heuristic. They communicated issues transparently, using plain language to pinpoint problems, and provided actionable solutions. This approach transformed setbacks into opportunities for learning, reducing frustration and empowering users to overcome hurdles. (page #3 in pdf)

      Delivered solution

      Lulu is a sophisticated digital communication system with a progressive API, seamless AI integration, and optimized backend architecture that offers a consistent, convenient, and stylish design, engaging users through customizable tools and features, supporting multiple conversation formats, object recognition, text-to-voice conversion, extensive database for quick answers, frequently used words and phrases library, intuitive navigation, and emergency button.

      “The collaborative approach resulted in a successful partnership and an outstanding final product.”

      Andriy Maslo
      CEO at Investudio

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