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      Communication platform for people with disabilities

      Native Application Development,
      Integrated Team


      2 developers,
      2 UI/UX designers




      Lulu represents a collective of visionary specialists in the USA, driven by a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in our modern society. Their solution is a groundbreaking AI-powered digital communication platform designed with the primary goal of transforming the way people with disabilities express their thoughts and feelings. This technology is not just a tool but a beacon of hope, whether for use at home, in the classroom, or within the workplace. With Zade as its technological partner, Lulu is set to redefine the standards of accessible communication.


      Existing communication systems fall short in meeting the varied needs of people with disabilities, ranging from speech and communication impairments to visual and auditory disabilities, as well as cognitive and developmental challenges. These systems often struggle with effective visual communication, failing to recognize objects or interpret gestures adequately. Even though voice recognition has made strides in some areas, comprehensive image processing remains largely neglected. Moreover, there is a significant gap in the market for a holistic digital communication platform that integrates all essential features, thereby enabling individuals with disabilities to maintain seamless communication across various environments, including academic, professional, and emergency situations.


      Lulu harnesses advanced AI to offer a cutting-edge interface with state-of-the-art image and speech recognition technologies, facilitating effective object recognition, instant text-to-speech, and speech-to-text conversions, along with sophisticated speech analysis. Its integrated multi-modal recognition capabilities enable the system to simultaneously identify multiple visual objects, adeptly convert speech to text and vice versa, recognize specific speech patterns through keywords, and interpret a variety of gestures for interactive interface control. As an all-in-one communication suite, Lulu is meticulously designed to allow users to explore and adopt the communication methods that best suit their needs within a cohesive system. Optimized for user convenience, the platform is typically installed on easily accessible devices, such as tablets mounted on armchairs, thus significantly enhancing usability and accessibility.

      “Zade integrated specialists quickly got the drift of our design ideas and implemented them with gloss. We are grateful for all the work done and are eager to promote Lulu among real users now”

      Johae Song
      CEO at Lulu

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