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      Audio advertising marketplace for sound monetization

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      Zvook Audio Advertising Platform For Market Expanding

      Zvook, created by a team of expert advertisers, revolutionizes audio advertising by helping brands and creators expand their market reach and monetize audio innovatively. The platform embodies a philosophy of simple, instant, and transparent advertising that’s profitable from the start. It combines sophisticated features, expert guidance, and customized client education. The team, led by the CTO/Co-Founder, continually evolves and improves Zvook, following a comprehensive two-year roadmap to ensure its services remain cutting-edge in the advertising industry.


      In audio advertising, brands and creators grapple with finding profitable monetization channels and effectively targeting their audience. Navigating the market’s complex dynamics and niche-specific rules is particularly challenging for newcomers. Moreover, many platforms offer quick-fix marketing strategies, boosting superficial engagement through bots, which lack real, organic audience growth and impact.


      Zvook’s audio advertising platform, developed by Zade, combines advanced monetization tools and expert guidance, focusing on real audience engagement. Initially a small team of a designer and a developer, Zade’s involvement expanded to meet the growing project needs, developing a Design System and crafting strategic marketing visuals. Their approach, tailored to the platform’s evolution, emphasizes building genuine brand loyalty and establishing a significant presence in the audio market.

      “We consider ourselves very demanding, and they were able to fit themselves into our framework and thrive.”

      Malik Alimoekhamedov
      CTO, Co-founder

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